Chill Hill Tube Slide

  • Schedule and Ticket Information
  • Tube Slide Frequently Asked Questions
  • Tube Slide Event Sponsors
  • HVAC Chill Hill Tube Slide is a 300-foot long snowless slide featuring two side-by-side lanes. Riders rocket to the bottom of the hill on inflated tubes. Chill Hill is located adjacent to the Johnson Controls Ice Rink. Cost is $7 per person for a 50-minute session. Anyone wishing to take part in the tube slide must be at least 44″ tall to ride alone. Children also can ride with someone 16 or older if they are at least 36″ tall for an additional $3 cost for the pair.

    Tubing sessions start at the top of every hour and are limited to 40 people per session. Reservations are strongly encouraged and may be made at the BMS ticket office (423-989-6900). Reservations will be taken until 1 p.m. each day for day-of sessions.

    Riders also must sign a waiver form to participate.


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