Chill Hill FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the all-new HVAC Chill Hill Tube Slide

Q – How much does it cost to ride Chill Hill?
A – Riders get 50 minutes on Chill for $7.

Q – Are there any size requirements to ride Chill Hill?
A – Yes. Riders must meet the height requirement of 48″. Children also can ride with someone 16 or older if they are at least 36” tall for an additional $3 cost for the pair. Also, riders must sign a waiver to participate. You may download, print, sign and bring the waiver with you when you visit. Download waiver form here.

Q – What is the schedule for Chill Hill?
A – Tubing sessions start at the top of every hour and are limited to 40 people per session. For the days/hours of operation CLICK HERE.

Q – Do you take reservations?
A – Yes and in fact, we encourage you to make them, especially if you plan on visiting on the weekends. Reservations may be made at the BMS ticket office (423-989-6900). Reservations will be taken until 1 p.m. each day for day-of sessions.


5 responses to “Chill Hill FAQs

  1. Brought the 4 grandchildren to Chill Hill on Sat. 11/28/09. They had an absolute blast! This is a great family outing, the staff were so helpful and kind to the children, and had fun with them too!
    There were as many adults enjoying the ride as there were children. Thanks for such a great event for our area and for a great charity.

  2. We have been to Wheeling To O.Park to see the lights but we were in Bristol couple weeks ago and we took in the lights they were the most Beautiful Lights weve Every seen anywhere and they were sit up so Beautiful. And everthing around them is great for The Family. Bringing Children and Familys back Sat. 12-12-09 to see lights and everthing for them to do.

  3. Brought the kids to ride Chill Hill. Had a BLAST! And believe me…after 50 minutes of walking up that hill…you don’t want to do it anymore for a couple of days! WELL WORTH YOUR MONEY!!!!
    It was sooo much fun!!!!! Thanks for a GREAT TIME!!!! We’ll be back!!!!!

  4. Where is the Chill Hill located at ?

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