Chill Hill Schedule and Tickets

Slide Pricing

50 minutes:  $7

That’s 50 minutes of downhill fun for only $7. Remeber, you must sign a waiver to participate and you can take care of that part now, simply download the waiver, sign it and bring it with you when you visit Chill Hill.



Chill Schedule


2 responses to “Chill Hill Schedule and Tickets

  1. During the hustle and bustle this time of year, the true meaning of Christmas is sometimes forgotten. Tonight however my family and I enjoyed a night together looking at all the beautiful lights at the Speedway. As we were leaving my 4 year old son wanted so badly to ride the Chill Hill, it was late but I decided to take a chance and ask for just one ride which we were willing to pay for. I walked up to this beautiful woman who was in charge and told her we had drove 2 hours and my son would love to ride this just one time. Without hesitation she said yes. My son laughed like I haven’t heard in a long time with delight. So to this wonderful lady working tonight (12/3/09) around 8:30PM, thank you. You are what this time of year is all about. You kindness will never be forgotten. I hope whoever reads this will take the time to let you know just what you did tonight. Thank you and God Bless. The Collins family…..

  2. We cant wait to try out Chill Hill Maybe Jeff Gordon will go down the slope with me

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