Ice Rink FAQs

Q – How much does it cost to skate?
A – It is $5 to skate and $2 for skate rental.

Q – When is the ice rink open?
A – CLICK HERE to visit our Ice Rink schedule page.

Q – Do you have skates?
A – Yes, we have a large number of skates available for rental.

Q – Is there a group discount?
A – Yes. Groups of 10 or more receive free skate rental.

Q – How big is the rink?
A –  The rink is 60′ x 120′.

Q – Does it cost anything for me to just watch my child skate?
A – No, it does not.

Q – Do I need to purchase tickets in advance or buy them upon arrival?
A – Tickets may be purchased upon arrival.

Q – Can I bring my own skates? How much does it cost if I bring my own?
A –  Yes, you may bring your own skates. It is $5 to skate.

For more information regarding the Johnson Controls Ice Skating Rink, please call Sonya Moore at 423.989.6924 or e-mail


One response to “Ice Rink FAQs

  1. My grandchildren love to skate. Can you extend the skating next year to include the entire month of January. They are home–schooled. Can you offer special events for homeschooled kids? Many are unaware of the ice rink.

    Also, sometimes there are some good skaters and would it hurt to close the rink for 5 minutes so they could have a chance on the ice w/o worrying about hurting kids?

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