SIL Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Can I drive on the track?
A – Yes, you can.  It’s one of the highlights of Speedway In Lights.

Q – How much does it cost?
A – Ticket prices for cars are $10 Sunday through Thursday, and $12 Friday and Saturday. Activity van tickets are $15 each night and bus tickets are $65 each night.

Q – When/how long is it open?
A – Speedway In Lights is open nightly from Nov. 13 through Jan. 2. It is open from 6 p.m.-10 p.m. each night. And remember, Speedway In Lights is open

Q – What is Subway Christmas Village?
A –  Subway Christmas Village is located in the infield of the Speedway. You can pull your car off the route and park in the infield and enjoy hot chocolate, roast marshmallows, visit with Santa, purchase crafts and let your kids have fun on a variety of children’s rides.

Q – How long does it take to get through the route?
A – On the less busy nights — Sunday through Thursday — it take approximately 45 minutes. On the weekends it can take up to an hour or longer.

Q – What are the best nights to come?
A – The best nights, if you prefer not to wait more than a few minutes, are Sunday through Thursday.

Q – How do I get to the speedway (directions)?
A –  From the South, from I-81, take exit 69 onto Highway 394 to 11E South. From the North, exit I-81 at Virginia exit 3 and take 11E south through Bristol or continue on I-81 into Tennessee and take exit 69 onto Highway 394.

Q – Is Santa Claus there?
A –  Santa is in the infield in Christmas Village and you can have your picture taken with him.  However, after December 25th, Santa heads back to the North Pole.

Q – How long is the route?
A – It is 4.5 miles.

Q – Are you open on Christmas and New Years eve/day?
A – Yes, we are open every day through Jan. 3.

Q – Do you play Christmas songs?
A –  Yes, Christmas music is played continuously and you can tune in to 100.9 F M to hear it in your car. Music is also played in Christmas Village.

Q – Do I need to purchase tickets in advance or buy them upon arrival?
A –  You can purchase your tickets at the gate upon arrival.

Q – Can you have your picture taken with Santa and is there a cost?
A –  Yes, you can have your picture taken with Santa. Cost is $5.

Q – Can I purchase a gift certificate?
A – Yes, they may be purchased at the BMS ticket office.  Call 423.989.6900 for more info.

Q – What credit cards are accepted?
A – No, not for admission.

Q – Do you take personal checks?
A – Yes, we do.

Q – Is there food there?
A –  Yes, there is a variety of food in Christmas Village.

Q – Are there souvenirs?
A –  Yes, a BMS souvenir stand is set up in Christmas Village, along with other arts and crafts vendors. 

Q – Are there any senior citizen or military discounts?
A –  No, because this is a charity event, there are no discounts.

Q – Can I just go into Christmas Village without driving through the lights?
A – No, you must purchase a ticket for Speedway In Lights to gain entrance to Christmas Village.

Q – Are you open when it snows and rains?
A – If the weather is extremely bad, we will close but it’s a rarity. We’ve only had to close three days in the past 10 years.

Q – How can my organization fundraise at Speedway In Lights?
A – We have a waiting list for volunteer organizations wishing to raise funds at Speedway In Lights. If you would like to raise funds, please send a letter to Bristol Motor Speedway, Speedway In Lights Volunteer Committee, 151 Speedway Blvd., Bristol, Tenn. 37625.

Q – Will BMS and SCC consider donating Speedway In Lights tickets and/or Ice Rink tickets for my organization’s fundraiser?
A – Because this is a charity event and proceeds benefit children’s charities in this area, we do not donate tickets for either Speedway In Lights or the Ice Rink.


2 responses to “SIL Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Thanks to this website for all the info. Being a Michigander and a season ticket holder to Bristol races I’m looking forward to my first winter trip to BMS. Really want to bring my grandchildren to this, and thanks to this information I will. This year!!!!!

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