Subway Christmas Village

Make your visit to Speedway In Lights complete with a stop in Subway Christmas Village, located in the infield of “The World’s Fastest Half-Mile.”

Subway Christmas Village certainly will add some holiday flavor to your drive through the lights with plenty of family fun.

While the 4-plus miles of lights and displays along the drive-through route are spectacular, the stop in the Subway Christmas Village in the infield after taking a lap on the .533-mile oval is equally exciting. Santa himself will be available for photos and will preside over plenty of fun, like marshmallow roasting and a half-dozen carnival rides.

Along with the rides, a number of food vendors will be on hand, and if there is holiday shopping to be done, spectators are in luck as several craft merchants will be on hand. Speedway In Lights souvenirs also will be available in Subway Christmas Village and the Subway show car will make an appearance Nov. 19-22.

More Subway Christmas Village Fun

Visit Santa Claus and have your photo taken with the jolly ol’ guy.

Roast marshmallows over an open fire.

Shop arts and crafts vendors.

Experience the thrill of carnival rides.

Pick up a Bristol Motor Speedway or Speedway In Lights souvenir.


2 responses to “Subway Christmas Village

  1. Hi. I am in the concession business and was wandering how to apply to be a vendor next year. I do caramel chocolate apples on a stick,rice crispie treats dipped in chocolate,dipped strawberries on a stick,dipped marshmellows,gigerbread men and houses. Can I be directed to the right person? Thank you.Merry Christmas,Alice

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